Shipston Town Band Welcomes New Musical Director, Alex Bland

Shipston Town Band took an exciting step forward yesterday as they held their first rehearsal with their new Musical Director, Alex Bland. The occasion marks the beginning of a promising new era for the band, and they are eager to collaborate with Alex as they prepare for the upcoming Christmas Concert and embark on their journey to compete in 2024.

The band sounded exceptional during the rehearsal, with an enthusiastic and rejuvenated atmosphere permeating the room. Alex Bland’s energy and fresh musical ideas proved to be contagious, infusing the ensemble with renewed vigour and creativity.

Shipston Town Band is enthusiastic about the musical adventures that lie ahead and invites the community to join them in celebrating the festive season at the Christmas Concert on 10 December at Townsend Hall. As they prepare to take on the challenge of the contest piece at the beginning of 2024, the future looks bright and harmonious under Alex Bland’s capable leadership.

Liz Smith (chairwoman), Alex Bland and Paolo Pezzangora (Principal Cornet)