Once again Shipston Town Bands embarked on an ambitious list of engagements to welcome the  Christmas season, with members of Shipston Town Band, Stour Concert Brass and Shipston Training Band  joining to take part in a variety of Festive Events, ably supported by our valiant group of collectors.

     The Christmas Run-up started with a visit to Wellesbourne, where on a typically cold late November evening a large group of players entertained visitors who had arrived to savour the delights of a Christmas Market and witness the switching on of Wellesbourne's Christmas Lights.

     Our second event was as usual, the first 'home' event as a large ensemble turned out to open and entertain at Shipston Victorian Evening.The event included a Christmas Market and some locals really got into the swing of things by turning up in Victorian outfits to give the event a real traditional feel. The  following day saw members turn out to the first of many supermarket engagements, the first being in Wellesbourne at the local Sainsbury Superstore, as we entertained shoppers who were doing their Saturday shopping. The Sunday evening saw the Town Band at the Townsend Hall as they presented their Annual Christmas Concert with a mix of festive melodies and Christmas readings.

     Whilst many of the bookings were regulars, one or two new ones were added: A short carol concert at Stratford Masonic Lodge to conclude a Christmas Dinner and the "Fuzzy Duck" at Armscote, where a small group of players lead a short carol service at this refurbished local pub and restaurant.

     Stratford-upon-Avon hosted a new event and a condensed band were able to perform at, as the town hosted its new Victorian Market - complete with councillors who toured its opening in full Victorian attire. The band were well received and were afforded a warm welcome, with many comments about the quality of performance.

    Thermals were required as a cold and frosty Christmastide arrived, but despite these conditions the Secretary was  impressed at the turnout - and so for that matter was our Treasurer, who upon hearing a well balanced group playing in the atrium to The Waitrose store in Stratford-upon-Avon, remarked that it was probably the best he had heard the band play, a remark shared by a visiting bandsman who was surprised that Shipston was only Fourth Section band - as the performance far exceeded that in his opinion.

     As per usual the month sped by and Christmas Eve beckoned and all to soon arrived, first with the Training Band instrumentalists in the Square and then their Seniors, both in the Square and then arriving at the village of Luddington on the Eve itself to commence the final Christmas engagements of 2017, from here the bulk of the group then proceeded to other events finally seeing the end of the evening at The College Arms, Lower Quinton. But we're not done yet, Christmas Day found a small gathering travelling around Shipston to various venues to conclude a very busy Shipston Band schedule for 2017.

The Band's Festive Run-Down for 2017

at a glance


Saturday, 25th November

Wellesbourne - ‘Switching-On Christmas Lights’


Friday, 1st December

     Shipston Victorian Evening, ‘Switching On The Lights’

Saturday, 2nd

     Wellesbourne Sainsbury

Sunday, 3rd

     Christmas Concert

Tuesday, 5th

     Tesco Stratford

Wednesday, 6th

     Carols around Shipston Streets

Thursday, 7th

     Carols Around Shipston Streets

Friday, 8th

     Stratford Victorian Market

     Waitrose, Stratford-upon-Avon

Saturday, 9th

     Sainsbury, Wellesbourne     

     Budgens Moreton-in-Marsh

     Tysoe, Switching On Of The Lights.

     Long Marston Christmas Lights

     Stratford Freemasons Dinner

Sunday, 10th

     Stratford-upon-Avon Victorian Market

Monday, 11th

     Quinton Carols Around The Christmas Tree

Tuesday, 12th

     Tesco Stratford

Wednesday, 13th

     Moreton Fire College

Thursday, 14th

     Carols Around Shipston Streets

Friday, 15th

     Waitrose Stratford

Saturday, 16th

     Sainsbury Wellesbourne

Sunday, 17th

     Tesco Stratford

     Shipston Church Lessons and Carols

Tuesday, 19th

     Budgens Moreton-in-Marsh

     Tesco Stratford

Wednesday, 20th

     Sainsbury Wellesbourne

    Carols Around Shipston Streets

Thursday, 21st

     Sainsbury Banbury          

Friday, 22nd

     Morrisons Banbury

     Waitrose, Stratford-upon-Avon,

Saturday, 23rd

     Sainsbury Wellesbourne

Sunday, 24th

     Shipston Square

     Luddington Carols On The Green

     The White Hart, Newbold-on-Stour

     The College Arms, Lower Quinton,

Thursday, 25th

     Rainbow Fields

     The Hospital

     Kath Roe’s

     The Community event at the Townsend Hall

Christmas 2017