Junior Band

Shipston Junior is the entry point for new players, of all ages, where their journey begins as they aspire to be a competent brass musician.

A team of mentors are resident on rehearsal nights on a structured format to guide and instruct members from those first tentative steps on their chosen instrument to enjoy the company of other members as they learn to play as an ensemble and whilst the band does not give individual lessons, the band does coach and mentor individuals as they progress.  Initially individuals who have little playing experience in brass music are enthusiastically encouraged by a primary brass tutor. Once they have reached a suitable standard they can join the band proper and benefit from all that brings with it.

There are no charges for membership all that is required is a members effort and commitment to regular home practice and attendance at regular rehearsals. Individuals who are not in possession of their own brass band instrument may borrow one free of charge from the band and return it if they leave, there is no subscription charge, music is also provided on free loan and rehearsal facilities are provided at no cost to the individual, as are the services of the mentoring group.

if you're reading this . . .

You are interested about becoming a brass musician,

so if you are we've provided a few details concerning

rehearsal nights.

Rehearsals take place every Monday during term-time, with the exception of school holidays and follow the format below:

6.15 to 6.30 p.m.

The evening starts with beginners being taken by Heidi Ellis.

6.30 to 7 p.m.

The evening continues as Heidi takes the Training Band players, where beginners are welcome to join in the fun.

7.00 to 7.15 p.m.

Sees a chance to meet and catch up with friends old and new in the group as things pause for a short break.

7.15 to 8 p.m.

The evening continues as Tim Wilson or Charles Matthews take the Training Band through their paces as the ensemble work on pieces that may find their way to a public performance.

Our format is designed to appeal to new members of all ages, so that their introduction to brass banding is not too long and arduous.

Members of the band are not confined to any particular age or gender,  so nobody needs to feel out of place.

oxford brass festival

     Sunday April 28th, 2019, saw three of our youngsters plus Luke enter the ODBBA Brass Festival at Marlborough School in Woodstock.

     Luke Barker gave two excellent performances winning the 15 to 18 Slow Melody and Air Varie Sections. He also helped the three youngsters to earn second place in the Under 19 Quartet playing against players who were much older. The 9 to 11 slow melody saw Alec Banner, Tallula Matthews and Rufus Gallagher place 1st, 2nd and 4th out of 15 players. Alec Banner also won Best Cornet 11 and under, Best Air Varie 14 and under and the Under 19 Percussion. ten-year-old Rufus Gallagher played in the Under-19 advanced section for the first time and gave a creditable performance of the trombone solo 'Cubanola Glide'. Alec and Tallula gave a good performance of their duet 'Ragtime'.

well done junior prommers!

     The Junior Band gave their annual concert as part of the Shipston Proms on Monday, June 24th, 2019. The concert was held at Shipston Methodist Church.

     Conducting duties were shared by Tim Wilson and Charles Matthews. The programme was varied and included music from around the world in the first half with slightly more advanced music in the second half

winter flurry of new members

     Tim Wilson reports that there is welcome news of up to eight new players who have now joined us  playing on a variety of instruments from cornet to baritone are now in situ.

     Whilst our Training Band had continued to soldier on, new members were regularly sought and the good news is that around eight new, young players have taken up the opportunity to  give brass banding a try.

     Whilst it's early days for our new recruits we welcome them and wish them every success as they pursue their new musical insterest and look forward to see them making their way from our training band to eventually take their chairs in Stour Concert and Shipston Town Band.

with slightly more advanced music in the second half two soloists were featured. Alec Banner played Leroy Anderson’s ‘Trumpeters Lullaby’ and ten-year-old trombonist Rufus Gallagher played ‘Cubanola Glide’. The concert finished in fine style with George Hawkins spirited march ‘The Highwayman’.

     This will be a busy week for three of the youngsters as Alec Banner, Rufus Gallagher and cornet player Tallula Matthews will be performing at the Barcheston Young Musicians Festival for Shipston Proms on Wednesday and then again at the Warwickshire Solo Championships on Sunday in Leamington.

it's not all about being on 1st

    Cornets are great, they're neat, come in small cases, do not require much wind to blow and 'appear' to be the most important thing in the local band - WRONG!

     A brass band is rather like a church organ, it has lots of parts - AND THEY ARE ALL IMPORTANT. Third cornets support the second cornets, who support the 1sts. Second horns the first and solo and so on, so in the band, we are all important, however, one instrument that makes a whole big difference is the Bb or Eb Bass, that's the monster that underpins all the rest and 'by golly' we all know when one is present - it's more a case of feel the sound, sooner than hear it.

     So if it's so great why are there so few players? - SIZE basically, little people have difficulty holding them up and many adults are put off by their ungainly size, however, once either age group get to grips with one they often wouldn't dream of being without one.

     So how about giving one a go, Tim or one of his team will be only too please to arrange a trial were sure and if you don't really feel you see yourself on one fine - but perhaps being different and showing off your stuff on one might be your bag - have a think?

     Oh and just in case you might not believe it, one local band has a very competent eight-year-old who does rather well at local contests on one and she is not the only exception. Admittedly Mum or Dad get to carry the thing about, but what are Mums and Dads for, anyway?