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“there’s nowt like a bit of competition”

Shipston Town Band and many of its members are dab hands at either entering and coming away with the silverware or putting up a creditable effort in local and national competitions.

This page is dedicated to the extra effort put in by the many capable musicians of Shipston Town Bands

     A group Shipston Town Bands talented youngsters visited the annual solo contest held today at Bablake School in Coventry.

     Once again their talents shone through and were rewarded with a whole load of trophies and podium finishes. There were many special highlights but the Band Secretary was particularly satisfied with the playing in the Fourteen-and-Under Duets where Shipston entered  five pairs and all

Shipston entrants played splendidly.

Shipston Players

Pull A Coventry

Cracker in June!

Coventry Solo Contest, Bablake School - Sunday, 26th June 2016

     Throughout the results were excellent and the quartet of Luke, Grace, Dave and Colin Elliot gave a great performance of ‘That’s A Plenty’ to finish second to Jaguar Land Rover whilst the Junior Quartet of Luke, Grace, Bethan and Sasha achieved their fourth consecutive victory playing ‘Meisterscutzen’. Tallulah Matthews who was our youngest girl competitor had an interesting start to the day when her Gran’s car broke down on the A46 and they had to arrive by taxi. Despite this she remained calm and gave two excellent performances.

     Grace did extremely well to compete in the duets and quartets despite the problems she is finding adjusting to life without the brace on her teeth and achieved some good results.

     Congratulations to Henry Fifield who achieved his first podium finish with a third place in the Ten-and-Under Solo, as the results below show, Luke had a very successful day and was awarded the trophy for the Best Instrumentalist Fourteen-and-Under.

The full results were as follows:

Solo Ten-Years-and-Under - Third: Henry Fifield;

Youngest Boy: Peter Coates (aged eight);

Youngest Girl: Talullah Matthews (aged eight);

Solo Eleven-to-Fourteen Years - First: Luke Barker, Third: Bethan Bown; Duets Fourteen-and-Under - First: Luke Barker and Grace Coates; Second: Grace Coates and Bethan Bown; Third: Sasha Turner  and Bethan Bown; Air Varie Junior Section - First: Luke Barker; Third: Sasha Turner; Quartet Under-Nineteen - First: Luke, Grace, Bethan and Sasha, played Meisterschutzen; Senior Quartet - First: Jaguar Land Rover; Second: Luke, Grace, Colin and Dave; Outstanding Instrumentalist Fourteen-and-Under: Luke Barker.

Shipston Town Band are victorious at Oxford Brass Band Contest

     On Sunday, February 26th, Shipston Town Band conducted by Howard Gibbs competed at Marlborough School in Woodstock in the Annual Competition organised by the Oxford and District Brass Band Association.

     Playing against nine other bands drawn from the Midlands, London Counties and the South West they performed St. Andrew's Variations by the Scottish composer Alan Fernie and were placed first by the adjudicator Nicholas Garman who complimented them on their sound and good ensemble playing. He awarded them 191 points out of a possible 200.

     In two weeks time the band will be competing in the Midland Area Championships at Bedworth and will be hoping to enjoy further success.

Eight 'Spring' A Super Start

To Their 2018 Solo Events

     Eight of Shipston Town Band’s talented youngsters travelled to Woodstock for the 70th Annual Brass Festival organised by the Oxford Brass Bands Association.

     It was especially pleasing that every single member of the groups featured in the prizes. The two youngest competitors Peter Coates (cornet) and Rufus Gallagher were first in the Eight-and-Under Section. Alec Bown, Kieran Bown and Tallula Matthews were placed first, second and third out of fifteen competitors in the Nine, Ten and Eleven-Year Old group.

     Luke Barker was placed first in the Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen age group with Grace Coates being place third in the Fifteen to Eighteen age group. The duets were equally impressive. Alec Banner and Tallula Matthews were second in the Under-Eleven Duets. Luke Barker and Bethan Bown were victorious in the Under-Fifteen age group and Luke Barker and Grace Coates were victorious in the Under-Nineteen Group.

     The Under-Nineteen Quartet played very impressively without a conductor and containing two nine-year-olds were placed first. In a special section for advanced technically demanding music Luke Barker was placed first and Grace Coates third. Nine-year-old Alec Banner showed his versatility by playing a xylophone solo to win the percussion section to complete a very successful day.

West Midlands Brass Bands Association

Solo Duet and Quartet Contest

Summary of Results

Studley High School - Sunday May 7th 2017

Adjudicators Paul White and Warren Bellshaw

Solo 8 Years and Under

1. Lily Strentz (Tuba) The Shirley Band

2. Peter Coates (Bb Cornet) Shipston Town Band

3. Rufus Gallagher (Trombone) Shipston Town Band

    Ben Angell (Bb Cornet) Bilton Evolution

Solo 9, 10 and 11 Years

1. Alec Banner (Bb Cornet) Shipston Town Band

2. Felicity Angell (Trombone) Bilton Evolution

3. Freddie Hunter (Tuba) Arrow Valley Brass     

Solo 12, 13 and 14 Years

1. Luke Barker (Bb Cob Cornet) Shipston Town Band

2. Christopher Oddy (Bb Cornet) The Enderby Band

3. Becky Strentz (Bb Cornet) The Shirley Band

Solo 15 to 18 Years

1. Callum Davis (Tuba) Arrow Valley Brass

2. Grace Coates (Bb Cornet) Shipston Town Band

3. Tom Cowen (Bb Euphonium) Bilton Evolution

Solo Adult

1. Stephen Lomas (Bass Trombone) The Brighouse and Rastrick Band

2. Patricia Woodings (Eb Horn) The Newhall Band

3. Jodie Fisher (Bb Euphonium) Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band

Air Varie Solo 14 Years and Under

1. Becky Strentz (Bb Cornet) The Shirley Band

2. Luke Barker (Bb Cob Cornet) Shipston Town Band

3. Christopher Oddy (Bb Cornet) The Enderby Band

Air Varie Solo 15 to 18 Years

1 Grace Coates (Bb Cob Cornet) Shipston Town Band

Air Varie Adult

1. Stephen Lomas (Bass Trombone) The Brighouse and Rastrick Band

2. Patricia Woodings (Eb Horn) The Newhall Band

3. Neil Kelsall (Bb Euphonium) Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band

Duet 11 years and under

1. Ben Angell and Felicity Angell     Cornet/Trombone     Bilton Evolution

2. Alec Banner and Tallula Matthews Cornets Shipston

Duet 14 years and under

1. Vicki Culshaw and Isabelle Reeves      Cornets  Arrow Valley

2. Ben Murray and Jacob Thomson     Cornets     Bilton Evolution

3. Imogen Angell and Jacob Thomson Cornets Bilton Evolution

Duet 18 years and under

1. Luke Barker and Grace Coates     Cornets      Shipston

2. Hannah Durkin and Callum Davis Horn and Tuba Arrow Valley

3. Cara McQuillan and William Thomson Cornets Bilton Evolution

Duet Adult

1. Neil Kelsall and Samantha Edwards Euphoniums Bilton

2. Samantha Edwards and Jodie Fisher      Euphonium and Cornet      Bilton

Quartet 14 years and under

1. Bilton Evolution 1

2. Bilton Evolution 2

3. Fame Brass Ensemble

Quartet 18 years and under

1 Bilton Evolution

Quartet Adult


2.Arrow  Valley Tubas

3.Shirley Nott

Special Awards Youngest Boy  Ben Angell Bilton Evolution

                     Youngest Girl  Lily Strentz Shirley

Enter Text

     This year’s competition was held once again at Studley High School and provided a lot of success for our young competitors.

In the Eight-Years-and-Under Solo Peter Coates was place second and Rufus Gallagher third.

Alec Banner emerged victorious in the Nine-, Ten- and Eleven-Years Solo9.

Luke Barker won the Twelve to Fourteen Solo and Grace Coates was placed second in the Fifteen-to-Eighteen Solo.

Alec Banner and Tallula Matthews were placed second in the Ten-and-Under Duet.

Luke Barker and Grace Coates were placed first in the Fifteen-to-Eighteen Duets.

In the Air Varie Section Luke Barker was placed second in the Fourteen-and-Under Section and Grace Coates was placed first Fifteen-to-Eighteen Age Group.

All the competitors were very grateful for the excellent accompaniment from our pianist Paul Webber.