'Busman’sHoliday' For The Hills

    So you spend your days at a fantastic musical institution playing brass band,  fly thousands of miles from Singapore to Stratford and the first thing you do is find the local brass band - now that’s what we call commitment.

   Adrian Hill contact the Band Secretary to see if Shipston Town Bands would mind if he and his family joined us for a blow whilst they were over here on holiday this year. It seems both he and his wife had quite a musical background - he’d played for Desford and the like, so Dave obviously said yes. When they arrived it seemed the Town Bands ended up with an infusion of two basses, a bass trombone and two cornets. Not only did they attend rehearsals but joined Shipston Town and Stour Concert on some of their engagements.

Adrian, Lisa, Jessica, Georgina and Charlotte Hill
Adrian, Lisa, Jessica, Georgina and Charlotte Hill