Shipston-on-Stour was recently quoted in the press as one of the 'happiest places in England' and has an amazing community attitude that bears that out.

     Orginally known as Sheepwash Town it has ended up as a charming, busy South Warwickshire town with lots of community organisations, but also has something really special - Shipston Town Bands . . . yes, we don't have just ONE - but THREE!

     Stratford may have Shakespeare but we have what they don't - three first-rate brass bands.

     Our Bandroom is easy to find, we're on the car park opposite The Coach and Horses, close to the Town Square.

     Members of all our bands are a friendly, cheerful bunch who enjoy a reputation for making fellow brass players welcome . . . why not pop in to one of our rehearsals and say hello, you're more than welcome - Shipston Town Band rehearse Sundays and Wednesdays; Stour Concert: Fridays and our Training Band: Mondays - Why not give our Secretary a ring, today!

     We offer a full opportunity to both existing and new players of all levels, from those first few notes to the fully skilled amateur brass band musicians of all ages.

Shipston Town Band

Our Fourth Section Contesting Band


Stour Concert Brass

Our Non-Contesting Concert Band

Shipston Training Band

The starting point for new instrumentalists of all ages

So there is something for all,

with instruments and uniform provided,  

a cost-effective leisure-time commitment to

fulfill your musical aspirations.