CONDUCTOR:              David Birch

SOPRANO CORNET:   Paul Herbert

SOLO CORNETS:         Luke Barker (Principal), Grace Coates,

                                  Bethan Bown, Dave Clemons,

                                  Kieran Bowne, Alec Banner                                

REPIANO CORNET:    Bob Pitts, Karen Wears

SECOND CORNETS:   Caroline Banks,  Anne Witts,

                                  Roger Rippen,  Jim McLeman,

                                  Chris Bown                           

FLUGEL HORNS:         Mike Butler, Rebecca Coates

Eb HORNS:                    Karen Pitts (Principal), Norma Butler (1st),

                                   Mary Cox (2nd), Angie Weaver (2nd)

EUPHONIUMS:           Eugene Gratwohl (Principal), Alan Birch,

                                  Tim Wilson                                

BARITONES:                Gordon Sharp (1st), Tim Banks (2nd)

TROMBONES:              Mark Banner, Sandra Butt,  

                                  Richard Barker (Bass)

BASSES/TUBAS:         Keith Davies (Bb), Mark Davies (Eb),

                                  Ken Smith (Eb),                                

PERCUSSION:              Roy Flitcroft


PRESIDENT:                                    Ronnie Murphy

CHAIRMAN:                                   Tim Wilson

TREASURER:                             Alan Birch


MINUTES SECRETARY:             Eugene Gratwohl

LIBRARIAN:                              David Birch

INSTRUMENTS SUPERVISOR:    Alan Birch                              


WEB DESIGN & HOSTING:        Gordon Sharp

COMMITTEE MEMBERS:            Sandra Butt, Richard Barker,

                                                 Sherry Barker, Gordon Sharp


CONDUCTOR:                   Howard Gibbs

SOPRANO CORNET:          Paul Lay

PRINCIPLE CORNET:         Grace Coates

TUTTI CORNET:                 John Smith

SOLO CORNETS:              Rebecca Coates, Paolo Pezzangora,

REPIANO CORNET:            Bob Pitts

SECOND CORNETS:           Karen Wears, Stephen Easton

THIRD CORNET:                 Anne White

FLUGEL HORN:                   Darran Wheeler

PRINCIPLE Eb HORN:        Adrian White

1ST Eb HORN:                    Karen Pitts

2ND Eb HORN:                    Mary Cox

PRINCIPLE EUPHONIUM:  Jamie Raffell (Principal),  

2ND EUPHONIUM:             David Birch (2nd)

1ST BARITONE HORN:        Eugene Gratwohl (1st)

2ND BARITONE HORN:      Phil Richardson (2nd)


2ND TROMBONE:                Jess Anderson

BASS TROMBONE:              Maria

Eb BASSE:                             Ken Smith

TUNED PERCUSSION:          Eleanor Smith

CONDUCTORS:     Tim Wilson/Charles Matthews

CORNETS:              Alec Banner, Holly Slatter,

                             Tallulah Matthews, Anne Witts          

HORNS:             Nate Banner and Steph Wilson

BARITONES :         Ed Coates

TROMBONE :         Rufus Gallagher and Mark Banner

BASS/TUBA:          Oscar Wilson

Beginners Group

CONDUCTOR:          Heidi Ellis

Bb CORNET:           Mark Banner

Eb HORN                 Charlotte O’Neil, Nate and

                               Kirstie Banner, and Eleanor Steed

Bb EUPHONIUM     Riley O’Neil

Stour Concert Brass

Shipston Town Band

SJB Training Band

Howard Gibbs joined Shipston Band in 2006, having already conducted the band the previous year.  No stranger to the band joining as Principal Trombone in 1979 under Richard Nash’s time for four years. He began in the Salvation Army, the National Midland and Birmingham Youth Orchestras. After a spell in the Army he played in the Championship Section. A competent conductor,  he led the band successfully from a first place win at the 2010 Area Finals to compete at the National Finals.

David Birch - An experienced and highly competent euphonium player. David has spent many years working with, encouraging and training the Band’s many future players and took on Dennis’s mantle to run and conduct the  Junior Band after his death. When he’s not playing euphonium with the Town Band he can be found conducting Stour Concert Brass, Shipston’s non-contesting concert band.