Shipston Town Band

our contesting band

have the following vacancies

Bb & Eb Basses

Stour Concert  Brass

our concert band

have the following vacancies

Bb Cornets

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Shipston-on-Stour is a lovely Cotswold town in South Warwickshire,  renowned for its friendliness and community spirit, which is reflected within our three bands.

Shipston Town Band

our contest band

Stour Concert Brass

our non-contesting concert band


Shipston Training Band

for players of all ages just starting out

We provide something for players of all ages and abilities within the Shipston Town Bands structure, from individuals new to brass bands in our 'Training Band' to more experienced players in our other two bands.

New members are always welcome, there's bound to be a chair in one of our three bands to fit you.

There's no subscriptions to find, instruments (where required) are loaned free, music, etc. is provided at no cost for your use - all you have to do is provide is the effort and commitment.

So if this sounds like you . . .

Why not e-mail or call us today!